They dream of being in the pros. It’s time they start looking the part.

I am as proud of my images as you are of your child. As a father of 5 of my own young athletes, I know how it feels to sit in the stands and want the best for them. They compete with visions of greatness in their minds (The gamewinning shot, the school record, at the plate in the bottom of the 9th with two outs and the bases loaded).

My vision of greatness is in seeing a child walk with a little more “swag” after seeing his or her photos. I will personally create the images of your team and individual athletes with the same care I would of my own. I believe they should start

looking like the pros they see in magazines and team media guides. Attitude is everything. I want to help them feel their most confident.

All images are given the utmost care when it comes to contrast, color balance and blemish removal. This comes at no additional cost.

Referrals and repeat business are how I proudly measure my success. I would be honored if you were to spread the word.

Thank you.

Is your memory mate... memorable?

We've all seen hundreds of those wood-grained, cardboard frames. You know the ones; with an individual image of a child in front of a tree just above the team photo taken in the bright sunlight. Most likely your child was among the ones with his or her eyes closed. Looking back, you might not even remember what team it was.

We've all paid good money for those photos. Was it worth it? Personally, I think our kids deserve better. Let's make the other teams jealous, shall we?

Memory Mate

Be the talk of the tournament!

Team banners are a great way to mark your territory on the field. Like flying your team flag, grandma will easily be able to spot your team dugout or sideline. Our high-quality, vinyl banners will provide the right motivation for your team and intimidation to all the others!

Banners are available in two sizes: awesome(3'x6') and super-awesome(4'x8').

Minnesota weather-proof banners are available to order in the site store, or place your order on team photo day.

Memory Mate

Don't forget your wingman.

He's assisted on all of your goals. She bumped, you set, she spiked! Your relay team went to state.

Have a “Buddy Image” created of your favorite player with a teammate, or two. Add your buddy’s name to the order form and include any special instructions, if custom messages are desired.

Buddy images can be shot together or created from individual poses. This allows for buddy images to be created even after photo day has passed.

Memory Mate

Say it with pride!

Include a special message in the comments section of your order form and we'll make sure to include it in your athlete's photos.

Maybe you'd like to honor his or her achievements made, add an inspirational message or let them know just how proud you are. Maybe your athlete has earned a nickname this season and you'd like it to be remembered.

This is your chance to be creative. Let's show the world how much of a star your athlete is!

Memory Mate